We Can Help Your In House Cleaning Program by Providing Equipment, Guidance & Performing Skilled Work When Required

 Here’s how we can help

Improve Operating Structures

Simply put, knowledge is power…Would you like to:

  • Implement stronger management structures to improve the efficiency & accountability of your in-house cleaning program.
  • Build efficient cleaning work scopes to control labour cost & improve quality of service
  • Improve your recruiting results, on-boarding & retention of new staff members.
  • Control & lower chemical, supply & equipment costs
  • Manage your equipment program in a more professional manner

Periodical Work Assistance

Completing project work and skilled jobs can be a challenge depending on your teams skills, workloads or access to proper equipment.

We can either:

  • Do the work for you if your team is busy or lacks the necessary skills
  • Provide a skilled job leader to lead your in house team
  • Train your team members to do the work long term (Teach em to fish)
  • Rent you the necessary specialized equipment to do the work yourself

Whatever you need for your in-house cleaning program, we are glad to help.


Tablet based software can make a huge improvement in the ability to manage your cleaning program.  However choosing, configuring & implementing new software can be overwhelming and very expensive. 

We can assist you in these decisions and manage the implementation.

  • Choosing the appropriate platform
  • Configure the program to service your needs
  • Build the work scopes & management structures
  • Train your team and get them up and running

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