How can we support your in-house program?

Support or Guide your Complex, Skilled Tasks

Certain tasks can be challenging depending on your team’s workloads, level of training, or access to proper equipment.

We provide any level of assistance to suit your needs.

  • Your team lacks necessary skills, training, or time – We take care of the entire job.
  • Your team requires a skilled leader for specific tasks – We provide one of our trained field workers.
  • Your team requires training – We train for long term success (Teach ’em to fish)
  • Your team requires equipment – We ensure you have everything you need for success.

Whatever you need for your in-house cleaning program, we are gladly prepared to help.

Improve your Operating Program

Simply put, knowledge is power… Let us help you: 

  • Implement stronger management structures that improve the efficiency & accountability of your in-house cleaning program
  • Build efficient cleaning work scopes to control labour cost & improve quality of service
  • Optimize your recruiting results, on-boarding & retention of new staff members
  • Control & minimize chemical, supply & equipment costs
  • Manage your equipment program in a more strategic manner

Streamline your Equipment & Supplies Program

Our unique equipment division can help you with everything you need to succeed, including:

  • Access to our tried and true chemical program
  • Purchasing new, used, and demo equipment (including maintenance & parts)
  • Short term or long term equipment rentals
  • Training your in-house staff on how to best use equipment for longevity and efficiency

Implement Management Software

Using mobile/tablet based software can vastly improve your ability to manage your entire cleaning program.

However – choosing, configuring & implementing new software can be overwhelming and very costly. 

We help you determine your unique needs, and manage software implementation. This includes:

  • Choosing the appropriate platform
  • Configuring the program to service your needs
  • Building work scopes & management structures
  • Training your team for a seamless transition