Meet Rhonda.
Her teams are your secret weapon!

Meet Rhonda, She has access to a team of 10 project crews scattered around NS, NB & PEI.  Her teams can do the job for you or train your staff on the most up to date cleaning techniques so you can do it yourself.

When purchasing equipment or requesting a demo she can send a skilled cleaning tradesman to properly train your team how to use the machine & the benefits of it. 

The best way to raise retention and increase productivity is to invest on your team. 

When you take the time to train someone they value their skills. The best way to raise retention and productivity is to invest in your people.

Simply put well trained employees, stay and perform better.  

On site Training of your Team
 Why purchase equipment if your staff are not prepared to properly use it?

We suggest we do your first job(s) with you so you get the best from your purchase

  • Operating the basic types of cleaning equipment
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaning
  • Floor maintenance (VCT, Sheet vinyl, ceramic. laminate)
  • Concrete floor solutions
Human Resources
  • Recruiting and staff communication using automation software



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