What Makes A Great Cleaning Company?

Learn How Custom Clean Atlantic Meets Your Commercial Cleaning Needs.

Your On Site Account Managers

One of our skilled Account Managers will join you to perform weekly site inspections, restock supplies, and maintain equipment.

Account Managers keep lines of communication open in between inspections in the event of concerns that arise throughout the week – and will readily dispatch based on your needs.  

We Take Care of Our Cleaners

Our staff receives ample support in order to successfully take care of your site. Account Managers maintain consistent contact to ensure that staff have everything they need to perform.

We complete routine cleaner evaluations catered to your unique needs. Our clients score 4 or 5 out of 5 on 92% of our evaluations each week.

We Measure Our Performance

We maintain high standards for each part of our team. Measuring our performance on a weekly basis ensures your cleaning program stays on track. You only improve what you measure, and that’s why we routinely evaluate our employees and our on-site equipment. We promptly identify errors and implement solutions – before problems arise.

Evaluations help us determine if our cleaning staff requires re-training, or if there is a staff member better suited to your needs. 

In Depth Background Checks & Insurance

Many criminal record checks are simply not accurate. When screening staff, we work with a local investigations company that provides a more in-depth background check than the local or national criminal record check.

We provide a $5 million liability coverage and a $50 thousand blanket bond to protect our clients in the event of damage or employee theft.

We Invest In Technology

Professional information management is the secret to a well-organized cleaning program. Investing in the most up to date cloud & tablet-based software allows us to maintain efficient contact with our clients and field staff, with no wasted time.

Our Project Division

For tasks that aren’t included in routine cleaning duties, we assist you to determine the work best suited for your site. For projects like strip & wax, carpet cleaning, hard to reach dusting, warehouse floors, etc. our coordinators consult with you to determine the number of staff, types of equipment & supplies needed, and a time estimate for the job. This information is promptly transferred into a work order and sent to our on-site employee’s tablet. 

Online Janitorial Supply Ordering

If your office requires janitorial supplies not included in your contract, just visit our store to place an order online & it will be delivered to your location.

We can also have your Account Manager manage an inventory and automatically keep them at a pre-approved level.

Our Equipment Division Has You Covered

Our in-house equipment division is fully ready to manage our internal fleet of over 200 pieces of gear. We also sell, service & maintain any gear you may own yourself.

Environmental Practices

As leaders in our industry, we take pride in minimizing our eco-footprint. We use 90% certified environmental products and invest in the most up to date technology in order to reduce chemical use by up to 70%.

We Are Financially Accountable

Even with the best intentions and top-quality procedures in place – accidents happen. It’s important to work with a company that takes financial accountability and can handle mistakes or damages that could happen on site.