Morning Retail Cleaning Workflow

This is the workflow suggested to complete the job In the most efficient way.

The floor cleaning needs to be done first. Do not cut corners, it will show up in your work. Auto scrubbing & polishing must be completed every morning. There are videos below with some beginning training of their operation. Your trainer will cover the rest. ASK QUESTIONS!

1. Vacuum entrance matting and carpets
2. Broom sweep areas the dry mop does not reach well
  • Entrance
  • Around cashiers
  • Under carts
  • Around display’s
3.  Dry mop open area flooring (Scrape stickers & gum as required)
4. Autoscrub open area flooring. (wipe squeegee as required to avoid streaks)
5.  Mop above areas where machine does not reach
6.  Mop edges when necessary
7.  High speed polish floors. (propane is stored outside)
8.  Dry mop after polishing to get the debris that was blown around
9.  Empty Trash & place in dumpster
  • Behind cashiers
  • Restrooms
  • Lunch area
  • Offices (all)
10.  Fully clean restrooms & restock hand soap, paper towel & toilet paper
  • Clean all toilets, urinals, counters, sinks & dividers
  • Clean mirror’s
  • Clean walls especially below air dryers
  • Sweep & mop floors
11. Clean offices & lunch areas
  • Empty trash
  • Sweep & mop floors
12.  Clean front door glass.
13. Walk the site with the client to make sure they are happy today.