Training a New Cleaner

Logistics (Make sure they know these things to start)
  • Where to park
  • What door to use
  • Alarm panel (where it is, how to use it and codes)
  • Light switches (locations)
  • Garbage (Where it goes and dumpster locations)
  • Do we do the recycling and where it goes
  • Safety procedures
  • Understanding the chemicals on site
  • Understanding the periodicals, if there are any (Weekly / Monthly work)
Training Guidelines
  • Do not do any of the work yourself when training, you need to guide, watch and show. Anything you do may not be remembered by the cleaner. If you are doing the work, you may not notice what they need your help with. Your job is to guide and point them through the proper workflow and assist them when they need help.
  • When training with equipment, show them for an aisle then pass it on to them and walk beside them for the rest of the job. This way you will watch them run into challenges and you can guide them through.
  • Follow our CCA workflows. This is the best way to assure constant cleaning. Cleaners that get confused doing too many things at once will likely not be trained properly.
Different Workflow Types
  • Office Cleaning
  • Retail AM & Retail PM
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Exterior Cleaning